What Does a Financial Plan Include?

• Determination of goals and objectives
• Cash flow management
• Review and recommendations on insurance
• Review and recommendations on investments
• Tax planning strategies
• Education planning
• Estate planning

Financial Planning Questionnaire (Yes/No)

1. Do you have a method of tracking weekly, monthly,
annual expenses, particularly cash?

2. Do you have a liquid cash reserve or emergency fund?

3. Are your investments working as hard for you as you
have worked for them?

4. Do you pay yourself first?

5. Are you taking advantage of all the tax strategies available to you?

6. Are you protecting your most valuable asset – YOU?

7. Are you protecting your other assets adequately?
(home, car, personal property, etc.)

8. Do you have a plan for passing your assets on to
those whom you choose?

9. Are you able to save for your financial goals?

10. Can you retire when you wish and maintain your lifestyle?

The answer to these questions can be “YES.”

A personal written financial plan is based on your goals and objectives. It includes cash flow planning, tax strategies, risk management, investment analysis, retirement planning, estate planning and more.

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